photograph by Kristyna Archer

photograph by Kristyna Archer



Strategist | Coach | Speaker

Anika is best described as an innovation strategist. Born out of the world of innovation and design thinking, her background is in helping big businesses untangle complex problems. Through her strategic work with Fortune 500 companies such as TNT, Samsung and JP Morgan, she discovered that the same creative methodologies and thought processes can be applied to individual’s problems, to create radical results.

Anika is trained in advanced cognitive therapies, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Currently she is completing her Ph.D in Integrative Medicine. Her work is highly practical and she seeks to only unleash what is already within her clients but can be stuck behind energetic blocks or destructive thought patterns. 

Anika offers a fresh approach to self-help. Less chanting, more focus on helping you achieve outcomes through a proven process that feels human. Her passion is blending spiritual concepts and cutting edge mind-body science that is grounded in strategic application. Her coaching sessions and workshops are playful, highly experiential and leave her clients feeling clearer, calmer and more confident to create the results they want.